Posted by: modernpolitic | October 3, 2009

Defending the dream

Just finished two days of American For Prosperty’s “Defending The Dream” summit and now I’m wondering why I bothered with the last month of travel. This event had it all, grassroots activist training, a healthcare town hall rally in front of the Capitol building, amazing speakers like Newt Gingrich and many others and most important of all 2000 fired up citizen activist from AFP’s 25 chapters all over the country. They were looking for people to start up chapters in the other states, maybe I should offer to start up and Australian chapter (there propably will be thousands of new members as soon as the film comes out. The only thing is what do we call ourselves? Australians For Prosperity? Australians For American Prosperity? So many options. But seriously, these guys are without a doubt the most organized group I have encountered and through my conversations with participants I really got a sense of the passion and diversity of different members of the group. As usual I haven’t got any video to show you yet but I promise it is coming eventually. Wow I feel so energized now, and 10 times stronger in my conviction that what I am helping to document is just the start of a true peaceful peoples revolution. I only wish we in Australia were so passionate about our founding fathers. However considering that our founding fathers were convicts sent over from England maybe it wouldn’t be such a good idea. Goodbye friends.

Posted by: modernpolitic | September 30, 2009

Making A Documentary !

After a few days of well earned R&R I have had a chance to reflect on what an amazing trip this has been and what a unique and inspiring moment in US history I have had the privelage of witnessing. Many people have suggested to me at tea parties and other events largely ignored by the mainstream media that a lot of what I have filmed is both precious and for the most part unknown to large portions of America and the world. When told the film was just for my university and people back home they encouraged me to think bigger. And so I have. I am planning to make a documentary of my experiences, the places I have seen and the people I have met. In short, a tribute to the power of freedom, patriotism and democracy over the tyranny of the majority. It will document how a generation of average tax paying citizens got out from behind the desks jand out from their home and found their political voice, many for the first time. Now comes the challenge of finding all of the people I spoke to and getting their permission to inclue them in the film. And then of course getting the $ for the film. Wish me luck!

Posted by: modernpolitic | September 20, 2009

Roots HQ aftermath

Well Roots HQ with the ALA was pretty awesome. Got some great tips on blogging and the power of new media as a grassroots mobilization tool. Until now much of that had remained pretty abstract. Afterwards I hit the honky tonk bars with some of the guys and gals from the conference and drank just a little too much, but hey, there’s no better street to stumble down that Broadway in Nashville.

Posted by: modernpolitic | September 18, 2009


Sitting in bar in downtown Nashville listening to some good old country music. Went to the country music hall of fame (see pictures below) and am killing time before meeting up with the crew from the American Liberty Tour this evening.

Posted by: modernpolitic | September 12, 2009

912 WOW!

On the train coming back from the event and the 2 guys behind me reckon there were over a million people ! What was truly amazing was just how many people were out who had never done anything like this before. Everyday American’s who had finally had enough of the government’s big spending agenda. It was washington at it’s best, thousands of people as far as the eye can see. A sea of signs and the roar of the angry ‘mob’. Was working pretty much straight though so am looking forward to a nice sleep to tonight and a little bit of sleep.

Posted by: modernpolitic | September 11, 2009


This event is going to be huge. Went to a bunch of training sessions on everything from internet activism to lessons in advantages of free markets. The whole town is just crawling with people all fired up for the rally. I spoke to a few of them and you really can see the power of social media as a way to politicize and mobilize citizens. 1 sleep to go.

Posted by: modernpolitic | September 10, 2009


2 days before the big 912 rally and Washington is already buzzing with expectation about how many people will turn up. Went to the freedomworks liberty summit on the morning and then the official press conference with a few hundred patriots and the looming dome of the capitol providing a magnificent backdrop.

Posted by: modernpolitic | September 8, 2009

Friends Of America

Heading back east I couldn’t leave the South without hearing some country music so I stopped by and checked out the Friends Of America rally just out of Charleston WV and it sure didn’t disappoint. Not only was there over 50 thousand fans, great speeches from Sean Hannity and others, Hank Williams jr and John Rich and others brought down the house.

Posted by: modernpolitic | September 6, 2009

Meeting the champ

Had a day off today so slept in and went to check out Louisville. After having my umpteenth mexican meal for lunch (I love Mexican and it is so hard to find back home) I wandered over to the Muhammad Ali museum with was great. But what really blew me away was when the champ himself turned up with a smalll entourage to have a look around. I have never been so star struck in my life. Even with his medical problems he was still lovin watching footage of some of his old fights and the small crowd that was gathered was sure loving him.

Posted by: modernpolitic | September 6, 2009

Louisville Tea Party

Well after hearing so much about the Tea Party movement it was great to finally get to one. I caught up with the Tea Party Express here in Louisville and what an example of modern grassroots political acticvism this was. The whole Tea Party movement was created by bloggers and it has spread like wild fire thanks to the use of blogs, discussion boards, email, Twitter and social networking. The people there came from all walks of life, connected only by their patriotism, their anger at the Obama administration’s big spending agenda and of course their pAssion to exercise their democratic rights and do something about it. After some great local speakers the Tea Party Express bus arrived for this latest stop on their cross country tour and boy do they know how to put on a show! There was much singing but also some great speakers that really motivated the crowd. This level of citizen democracy is at a level we know nothing about back in Oz and was really why I came here. Great stuff.

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