Posted by: modernpolitic | September 6, 2009

Louisville Tea Party

Well after hearing so much about the Tea Party movement it was great to finally get to one. I caught up with the Tea Party Express here in Louisville and what an example of modern grassroots political acticvism this was. The whole Tea Party movement was created by bloggers and it has spread like wild fire thanks to the use of blogs, discussion boards, email, Twitter and social networking. The people there came from all walks of life, connected only by their patriotism, their anger at the Obama administration’s big spending agenda and of course their pAssion to exercise their democratic rights and do something about it. After some great local speakers the Tea Party Express bus arrived for this latest stop on their cross country tour and boy do they know how to put on a show! There was much singing but also some great speakers that really motivated the crowd. This level of citizen democracy is at a level we know nothing about back in Oz and was really why I came here. Great stuff.



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