Posted by: modernpolitic | September 30, 2009

Making A Documentary !

After a few days of well earned R&R I have had a chance to reflect on what an amazing trip this has been and what a unique and inspiring moment in US history I have had the privelage of witnessing. Many people have suggested to me at tea parties and other events largely ignored by the mainstream media that a lot of what I have filmed is both precious and for the most part unknown to large portions of America and the world. When told the film was just for my university and people back home they encouraged me to think bigger. And so I have. I am planning to make a documentary of my experiences, the places I have seen and the people I have met. In short, a tribute to the power of freedom, patriotism and democracy over the tyranny of the majority. It will document how a generation of average tax paying citizens got out from behind the desks jand out from their home and found their political voice, many for the first time. Now comes the challenge of finding all of the people I spoke to and getting their permission to inclue them in the film. And then of course getting the $ for the film. Wish me luck!



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