About The Project

The project ‘Modern Politic’ is a verbal and visual dissertation (to be given at RMIT in late 2009) on the rise of new media as a grassroots political organizing tool.

As a student at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (School of Media and Communications) I was awarded a 2009 fellowship through the Australia Business Arts Foundation. I will spend the $5000 prize travelling to the United States and documenting the role that the new media and social networking revolution has played in the revitalisation of that country’s conservative movement. It’s amazing what has happened in America over the last six months, after Obama and groups like Move On really leveraged new media to pretty much obliterate the conservatives at the last election. But now we’ve seen them learn their lesson and a new generation has really taken the lead, using the same tactics to rejuvenate and reconnect disillusioned conservatives into a really powerful movement.

Examples like the Obama presidential campaign and pivotal role of Twitter in the recent pro-democracy uprisings in Iran show just how powerful a political tool the social media platform has become.

I will spend 4 weeks in the United States filming and meeting with conservative activists before presenting the audio-visual dissertation in late October, as well as passing on what I learn to some of my friends in the local conservative politics scene.

Part of the proposal was to use new media as a way to document my trip as well, utilizing the tools I am looking at so stay tuned for regular updates.


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