Posted by: modernpolitic | September 5, 2009

Energy Town Hall

Met the crew from at a local minor league baseball game. They were signing up people to their mailing list and talking about why “Cap And Tax” is so bad for jobs and the economy. While much of my project is looking at new media, this was an ezample of good old grassroots one on one discussions with everyday folks and the good people of Charleston really got it.

Posted by: modernpolitic | September 4, 2009

Traveling to Charleston WV

After the Energy Citizens rally I jumped in my car and raced to Charleston, a leisurely jaunt of 300+ miles in order to try and cross paths with the team from the American Energy Express. As luck would have it I ran into them in the lobby (as I went to meet up with the guy coming to break into my car to remove the keys!) of the hotel and am hoping to catch up with them tomorrow. If I ask nicely maybe they’ll let me go for a ride with them 🙂 Stay tuned.

Posted by: modernpolitic | September 4, 2009

Visiting The Energy Citizens Rally In Richmond

Well at least I am in the same state today as the Modern Politic Express continues its one man journey to track the revitalization of conservative citizen-based action. This time I journeyed to Richmond Virginia to attend the Energy Citizens rally. A number of members of the local business community gave emnpassioned speeches as to why they were against the cap-and-trade legislation. A lot of what they said really hit a chord with me. Which is basically that we all want what is best for the planet, but choosing a solution that will kill jobs and not even provide the base load power we need is no solution at all, and no amount of wishful thinking is going to make it otherwise. I interviewed some of the folks there and despite what the left wing blogs are trying to tell you, not a single one of them worked for the oil industry. However one thing I was a little disappointed about though was there was more than a little grey hair in the audience. Not that I have anything against grey hair, but it would be nice to see a few more young folks, considering it is their future that is at stake. That said, the face that these older citizens have gotten swept up in this new-media citizen activism is an achievement in itself. PS I posed for a ‘I’m an energy citizen’ photo so look out for me on their site.

Posted by: modernpolitic | September 2, 2009

Visiting The Place Where The Civil War Ended

Had a day off today so went and took in a bit of history and visited the old town of Appomattox Court House which is where Lee officially surrendered and the civil war finished. The house you see below is just as it might have been then and there is a room inside where the signing took place which looks just as it does in the painting below. Was not a great deal to see, but what really struck me was the peace and beauty of the area. Where once cannons rang out is now just rolling hills, chirping crickets, and the eerie absence of those who gave their lives for freedom.

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The Battle Of Appomattox

On Aug 31 I drove down to a little old town called Appomattox in Virginia to catch one of the August recess town hall meetings with Rep Perriello. While I must admit I was a little nervous after all of the coverage of shouting matches and angry crowds. But to my pleasant surprise the crowd was not only very well behaved, they’d done their homework too! For almost four hours they lined up and one by one voiced their concerns over the proposed health care reforms, cap and trade and the stimulus spending. Their contributions were worthy of Howard Roark. The congressman was certainly kept on his toes and while the crowd certainly didn’t see eye to eye with him on many things, to a person they thanked him for having the courage and decency to come and hear their concerns. I guess it just goes to show you cant always trust what you see on the news! I will try and post some video when I get the chance but in the mean time here are some stills.

Posted by: modernpolitic | August 31, 2009

Up And Running

Hey folks,

Well the Modern Politic Express is officially underway! After a few days recovering from jet-lag, 2 trips to upstate New York to pick up my rental car (and a second one to start a new contract after my insurance company was being difficult), I drove down to Lancaster PA to stay with a family friend and am refreshed and raring to go. I am even beginning to get used to driving on the wrong side of the road, although I do keep on walking around to the passenger side of the car expecting to see a steering wheel.

Well, my first real stop today will be a “town hall” meeting in Virginia this evening. Should be a blast as these public meetings have been the epicenter of the whole grassroots community opposition to the government’s big spending agenda.

Am also really looking forward to getting down into the southern part of the country.

Will post pics and video soon. Until then….

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Hi there. Have just set up the blog. Am rushing around getting ready for the big day – Wed Aug 26th of to NYC. Ye Ha!

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